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Bericht von der Embedded World: Hardware und User Experience wachsen zusammen

Please visit Developer Garden for an English recap.

Vom 26. bis zum 28. Februar fand in Nürnberg die weltgrößte “Embedded” Messe statt. Ich war gemeinsam mit Deutsche Telekom M2M vor Ort, um mit den Besuchern über Ideen und Szenarien zu sprechen und unsere Dienste und Schnittstellen für M2M- Lösungen (Machine to Machine) vorzustellen – zwei mal täglich dürfte ich am Stand der Deutschen Telekom einen Vortrag zu M2M Visionen und eine Einführung in das Prototyping (auch für Nicht-Entwickler) zum Besten geben. Das es dabei nicht nur um Technik ging und User Experience immer wichtiger wird, zeigten auch viele der vor Ort vertretenen Unternehmen. Nicht nur Chips und Platinen prägten die Messe, sondern auch innovative Lösungen mit innovativen Benutzungsoberflächen. Microsoft war beispielsweise mit einer verbesserten Version von KITT, dem Pontiac aus Night Rider vertreten. Auch User Interface Experten wie z. B. UID waren mit eigenen Lösungen aus dem Consumer- und Industriebereich vor Ort.

Aber natürlich ging es in erster Linie um Hardware. Neben industriellen Lösungen fanden sich auch viele Produkte für den ambitionierten Entwickler, egal ob “Maker”, Hobbyist oder Inventor: Arduinos und Raspberry Pis waren zahlreich vertreten und es ergaben sich viele spannende Gespräche rund um die aufstrebende M2M-Welt…

Recap jQuery Europ 2013 – More than jQuery

According to Richard D. Worth (Director of the jQuery foundation) over 50 percentage of websites in general use the de-facto standard jQuery for JavaScript-development. So it’s no wonder that Europe’s first ever jQuery conference completely sold out. Host Haymo Meran of Gentics did more than just meeting the expectations of the attendees. The location itself – the historic Palais Liechtenstein in Vienna – proved to be worth the trip, even for longer journeys, and set an impressive stage – also thanks to the intensive snowfall.

But despite Vienna being a wonderful place to be, jQuery is the focus, as the event’s name tells – but not alone. The schedule showed a lot of variation, as well as featuring highly acclaimed speakers on an international level, reaching form accessibility to security, from code to inspiration. I had the honor to talk abut jQuery in terms of Machine to Machine communication (M2M) in a hopefully inspiring way (thanks to Daniel Koch for the nice German summery of my talk). The conference was accompanied by a barcamp, featuring even more sessions in a “meet the experts lounge”, where attendees could contribute, and enter the stage as speakers.

It was an outstanding event and incase you missed it, we can tell that chances are great to have a jQuery Europe again next year. I definitely hope so! Visit Developer Garden for the full recap, photos and further details (English and German).

Generic SMS and Voice service, Telekom Tropo Part 3

Building M2M prototypes with voice (phone) and text (SMS) isn´t that hard. In most cases we only need a way to send a message via SMS or via phone. But once done you get bored doing it over and over again. Hence I build a simple (and quick and dirty) service for these needs (based on PHP but you can use nearly any language for your choice). This service just gets the needed parameters via URL. Based on these parameters a message will be sent or call initiated.

// Include Tropo classes.
// $session = new Session(); or low-level usage of JSON:
$session= json_decode(file_get_contents("php://input"));
$message= $session->session->parameters->message;
$numberToDial= $session->session->parameters->numberToDial;
$method = $session->session->parameters->method;
$tropo = new Tropo();
if ($method == "text") {
	$tropo->message($message, array("network" => "SMS", "to" => $numberToDial));	
} else // if ($method == "call")  {	
	$options = array("voice" => "Simon");
	$tropo->say($message, $options);

After you have assigned this script to your Tropo application (see Quickstart Tropo, sorry only available in German right now), you need the appropriated token (which you find in your application settings). Finally call the service via a simple URL request. Please note, the values have to be URL encoded and the phone number must include the country code including the plus sign. In HTML this could look like:

<a href="https://tropo.developergarden.com/api/sessions?token=YOUR_TOKEN&method=TEXT_OR_VOICE&message=YOUR_TEXT&numberToDial=YOUR_PHONE_NUMBER">Send SMS</a>

Using jQuery it looks like:

   url: "https://tropo.developergarden.com/api/sessions",
   data: {
      "numberToDial": "YOUR_PHONE_NUMBER",
      "message": "YOUR_TEXT",
      "token": "YOUR_TOKEN",
      "method": " TEXT_OR_VOICE"

And it seems this will become even easier, because the Tropo Scripting API is on its way. Stay tuned…