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Do you like the topics I am talking about? Do you need a speech? I did more than 200 well received talks, keynotes, and workshops on Conversation User Experience, Voice User Interfaces (VUI), Amazon Alexa, the Internet of Things (IoT), Inspiration, Innovation Management, Maker and Enterprise Development (the dirty work from JavaScript to C#/Java), Developer Motivation, User Experience, and Business Model Generation. I enjoy to discuss my thoughts and visions and I like to inspire and to share my practical experiences. Feel free to contact me (English or German). Well, I can not promise to make it happen, but I will try my best. Therefore, please send me a few details like date, location, nature of the conference, type of audience, are there any travel arrangements, honorarium, etc.

November 2018

2018-11-22 – 2018-11-23
Data Natives, Berlin (TBC)

Symposium für Digitale Infrastruktur, Frankfurt am Main
Life in the Digital Age

2018-11-13 – 2018-11-14
TADSummit, Lisbon (TBC)

October 2018

2018-10-17 – 2018-10-18
World Usability Congress, Graz
Multimodal Conversation: Make it or you won’t exist

Barcamp, Berlin (TBC)

VUI Event, Munich (TBC)

September 2018

2018-09-27 – 2018-09-28
WirtschaftsWoche – DIGITAL SUITE, Berlin
The Power of Platforms

2018-09-12 – 2018-09-13
dmexco, Cologne (TBC)

2018-09-11 – 2018-09-12
Cognigy 3.0 Training, Düsseldorf

August 2018

2018-08-07 – 2018-08-08
Cognigy 3.0 Training, Düsseldorf

July 2018

2018-07-09 – 2018-07-10
Cognigy 3.0 Training, Düsseldorf

Bot Meetup, Cologne (TBC)

June 2018

IT-Konferenz, München

2018-06-25 – 2018-06-28
Developer Week, Nuremberg
Die Zukunft mit Sprache gestalten

2018-06-19 – 2018-06-21
ZeroUI Hackathon, Berlin

Enterprise UX Workshop – BITKOM Usability & User Experience, Frankfurt am Main

Cognigy 3.0 Training, Düsseldorf

2018-06-14 – 2018-06-16
Talk To Me Berlin

2018-06-04 – 2018-06-08
Webinale, Berlin

Mai 2018

Guest Lecture University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf
Assistenten (Chatbots) und Sprachdienste (u. a. Amazon Alexa)

Chatbot Meetup, Düsseldorf

Workshop, Düsseldorf

META Marathon, Düsseldorf

Hackathon, Sindelfingen

Bitkom Digital Retail Conference, Berlin

2018-05-16 – 2018-05-17
Kongress der deutschen Fachpresse, Berlin

2018-05-14 – 2018-05-17
Hackathon, Düsseldorf

Hackathon, Sindelfingen

April 2018

2018-04-27 – 2018-04-28
Hackx Voice, Düsseldorf

2018-04-23 – 2018-04-25
Hackathon, Salzburg

Bitkom, Berlin
Mit Dingen und Diensten reden: Konversation und Sprache in Hard- und Software

2018-04-12 – 2018-04-14
MakerCon, Heidelberg

PottNET, Essen
Meetup on Alexa
PottNET – Die Essener Microsoft Developer Group

February 2018

Alexa Skills Advanced Workshop (German), Düsseldorf

Alexa Skills Beginner Workshop (German), Düsseldorf

January 2018

Alexa Skills Workshop, Leipzig

Alexa Dev Day, Frankfurt

More Ideas and Topics

Toys are us – Interactive apps with Gadgets (DiY)

Beyond Mobile: Super Natural Interaction made easy

Voice dialog systems (IVR)

Developers: The great unknown

Disgusting code – How to improve your workflow and teamwork

JavaScript everywhere: Rhino, Node.js, Chrome, Firefox OS just to mention a few…

Crashcourse JavaScript – From zero to hero

Inventor’s Kit – An overview (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, .Net Gadgeteer and alike)

Electricity doesn´t hurt – 101 course for designer and developer starting M2M (prototyping)

Interactivity and Connectivity: Available connectivity networks and interaction channels and their dependencies

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