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One Portal – Simplified registration process at Developer Garden

Since a few days there is a simplified registration process to get access to the Developer Garden services and APIs like Telekom Tropo – in most cases these offerings are still free for developers for testing purpose as long as used in the sandbox. And even in production mode only the usage will be charged (please check the pricing for more details).

Previously you had to register twice: At Developer Garden and Deutsche Telekom´s Developer Center. This hassle is gone: There is no need to maintain two accounts anymore, because those two accounts are now “married”. Hence it´s sufficient to register at Developer Garden only to get access to the services and APIs. And this process is damn easy.

1. Start registration


Click on “Register” at the top which starts the registration process.

As an alternative you can sign in via several authentication services also known as OpenID clicking on “Login”. Currently Facebook, Google, Telekom My Login and Windows Live are supported as identity providers. If you take this path, you will be asked for a few additional details like your name.

2. Minimum of information


The registration is easy and you only have to enter a minimum of information like your name (e.g. to use our forum), email (e.g. to verify your existence via so called confirmed opt-in – otherwise somebody else could register you) and a password. Please agree to terms of usage and prove you are a human due to entering the digits of the image (this is called CAPTCHA).

3. Confirm registration

As mentioned before, misuse of your personal data will be prevented via opt-in. Therefore an email is sent to the given email address. Click on the confirmation link inside this email to verify the email and the registration process is finished.

4. Start using Developer Garden services and APIs


Once you are registered (and logged in), you can activate and explore Developer Garden services and APIs via “My Account” at the top of the page…