Alexa Links (English/Deutsch)

Here is a brief list of some Alexa related links (both from Amazon and *independent). I hope those are handy if you like to start, discuss, or simply need help with Alexa. Suggestions are welcome.

Hier ist eine kurze Liste einiger hilreicher Links zu Alexa (sowohl von Amazon als auch *unabhängig). Ich hoffe, diese sind hilfreich. Sollte was fehlen, dann bitte einfach Bescheid sagen.


Alexa Skills Kit
Alexa Skills Kit in Deutschland (Deutsch)


Alexa Skill Building Cookbook
Alexa Github Repository
Sascha Wolter Github Repository (Deutsch)


Amazon Alexa Voice Design Guide
Amazon Alexa Sprachdesign Guide (Deutsch)

Slides and Media

Slidedeck “Build Voice-Enabled Experiences with Alexa”
Slidedecks from “AWS re:INVENT 2017” (search for Alexa)
Amazon Press Room – Images and Videos
Sayspring Design Resources – Free downloads and resources to design and promote Skills

Video-Trainings (Screencasts, Webinare etc.)

Alexa Developers on YouTube
Amazon Alexa on Twitch
Videos from “AWS re:INVENT 2017” (search for Alexa)
Amazon Alexa Developer Channel Germany on YouTube (Deutsch)

Boards and Communities

Amazon Developer Forums
Alexa Developers Slack Channel*
stackoverflow Alexa-tagged questions*
Amazon Alexa projects on*
Amazon Alexa Entwickler für D-A-CH auf Facebook* (Deutsch)
Das inoffizielle deutsche Alexa und Echo Forum.* (Deutsch)

Support and Feature Requests

Amazon Developer Support and Contact
Amazon Developer Support (Deutsch)
Alexa Skills – Developer Voice And Vote


@alexadevs – Alexa Developers
@maxamorde – Max Amordeluso, Alexa Evangelist EU*
@muttonia – Andrea Muttoni, Alexa Evangelist UK/EU*
@saschawolter – Sascha Wolter, Alexa Evangelist DE/AT/EU* (Deutsch)

Tools and SDKs

Skillinator: Node.js Codegenerator
Alexa Skills Kit SDK for Node.js
Alexa Programming Languages and Tools

API, Docs, and Code

Alexa Account Linking: 5 Steps to Seamlessly Link Your Alexa Skill
Why a Custom Slot is the Literal Solution (related to transcripption, Speech to Text, free text etc.)

Custom Endpoint/Fullfilment (i.e. using PHP)

Host a Custom Skill as a Web Service
Amazon Alexa lokal (Tunneling, ngrok, etc.)* (Deutsch)

Optimizing Audio

How Loud Is Too Loud? Tips for Setting Your Alexa Skill’s Audio Volume Level
Normalizing the Loudness of Audio Content

Alexa for Business (an AWS service)

Alexa for Business
Alexa for Business FAQs