Learnings from Embedded World

It´s been my second visit at Embedded World this year. I strongly recommend this fair to everybody involved in the Internet of Things idea (and I always prefer meeting people carrying Leathermans to people wearing a suit, which you´ll find at that time at the MWC). At Embedded World you meet all the experts who build the foundation of our future: Sensors, processors, embedded devices and alike are everywhere. Best of all, the chip makers finally understand, that´s the developer who counts! Therefore, you – as a developer – are welcome everywhere: Chance have been great to make a good bargain and to grab a nice developer kit.


We did some hacking and sessions on the internet of things at the Deutsche Telekom booth together with our friends of the M2M unit.

The industry finally understands that we need more innovation. Last year we have been one of the few companies using inspiring showcases instead of dry industrial solutions. This year it seemed every second booth showcases something made of Lego, slot car tracks, RC cars etc. – I appreciate this, because it´s not about the technology alone. The true challenge is inspiration, innovation and generating future needs, we are not yet aware…